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Varley Group and Lockheed Martin Australia Celebrate Enduring 20-year Partnership

MELBOURNE, Australia, 3 March, 2023 – Varley Group today celebrate a 20-year partnership with Lockheed Martin Australia and New Zealand on providing infrastructure for multiple Defence acquisition and sustainment programs.

In 2003, Varley Group became involved in Defence’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program during the System Development and Demonstration phase. Since then, the company has been awarded numerous contracts by Lockheed Martin to deliver specialised F-35 aircraft Ground Support Equipment and has maintained its status as a strategic supplier by demonstrating its ability to supply best-value products. The F-35 program provided Varley Group with the opportunity to achieve global recognition for their design and manufacturing strategy reflective of high-quality workmanship, innovation and their ability to work as a team with customers to deliver excellence in engineering.

In 2017, Lockheed Martin Australia and New Zealand awarded Varley Group a contract to manufacture integrated Deployable Duty Mission System (DDMS) Shelters to support the Royal Australian Air Force F-35 fleet. In 2019, Varley Group was awarded a contract to deliver new TADRS portable processing cabins and collaborated with Lockheed Martin Australia to design and build a sovereign Next Generational Deployable Facility portable cabin to showcase to Defence, in a secure environment, innovation from Australian industry and academia.

Varley Group’s long-term partnership with Lockheed Martin Australia and New Zealand has supported the company’s workforce of less than 200 employees in 2003 to grow to 700+ project management professionals, engineers, technicians and highly skilled trade workers based across Australia today.

Varley Defence’s CEO, Victor Ugarte, said, “Establishing a national supply chain partnership with Lockheed Martin Australia has allowed our company to grow exponentially.”

“As part of our growth, Varley is 100 percent committed to growing the capability and knowledge base of Australian defence industry. We continue to look for opportunities to increase the level of Australian industry content in our products ensuring Varley products are locally designed, manufactured, integrated and supported in Australia for Australians.”

To date, Varley Group has proudly produced 27 Deployable Duty Facilities and 7 Deployable ICT Facilities totally more than $21M in Lockheed Martin supplier contracts to support the JSF program.

Lockheed Martin Australia and New Zealand’s Kendell Kuczma, International Business Development Director for Rotary and Missions Systems said, “We have a proven track record and deep commitment in developing Australian Industry Capability. We are immensely proud of the enduring partnership we have built with Varley Group over the past two decades and supporting the steady growth of their Australian footprint.”

“Varley Group's ability to transform customer ideas such as the Next Generational Deployable Facility into reality has earned the company a competitive reputation as a supplier of innovative turnkey solutions and unsurpassed service on a national and international stage. We look forward to our continued partnership with Varley over the next decade.”

About Varley Group

Varley Group is one of Australia’s oldest and most advanced engineering and manufacturing companies. Varley Group consistently provide our customers with innovative solutions and quality in design and production, and have done so for over 130 years. The company offer a comprehensive range of services and products to a wide variety of major industries, such as

Defence and Aerospace, Specialised Vehicles, Electric Vehicles, Power Services, Marine, Rail, and Cyber Security. With facilities around Australia, Indonesia and the United States of America, Varley Group possesses an ever-increasing global footprint in the aim to remain dynamic, flexible and capable to meet the needs of our diverse and international clientele.

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About Lockheed Martin Australia and New Zealand

About Lockheed Martin Australia and New Zealand: Headquartered in Canberra, Lockheed Martin Australia is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lockheed Martin Corporation. The company employs more than 1,200 people in Australia working on a wide range of major programs spanning the aerospace, defence and civil sectors.

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