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Lockheed Martin Australia and SimCentric Collaborate on Military Live Fire Training Tool

BRISBANE, Australia, 6 October 2022 – Lockheed Martin Australia is collaborating with SimCentric, Australian defence training innovator, to deliver a next-gen live fire range safety capability that supports the Australian Army to train in more complex scenarios, and enhances safety without trading off realism.

Together, the two companies will work on the integration of Simcentric’s safety tool, SAF FORESIGHT, with Lockheed Martin’s target management system, VisualShot. The integration of technologies will enable a digitised target management system with a 3D safety overlay that will provide secure and realistic training events to support the modern warfighter, all whilst persistently reducing fratricide risk in training. 

The joint land training capability will concentrate on SimCentric’s range safety, planning, visualisation, risk assessment, and safety interventions, matched with Lockheed’s proven operational analysis, and target / range management systems to transform live fire land training capabilities in line with the Australian Army’s range modernisation programs. 

SimCentric’s Vice President, Strategy, Gareth Collier said, “We are delighted to join forces with Lockheed Martin Australia on training capabilities for Australia.”

“SimCentric is focused on producing transformational joint live fires training technologies that give the warfighter a capability edge and enable realistic live fire training at minimum risk to soldiers.” 

“Effective military simulation starts with understanding how the military generates deployable capabilities through training and skills progression. We can deliver simulation systems of relevance that systemically and persistently enhance military training. We are proud to partner with Lockheed Martin Australia to develop an integrated training system that will enhance military operational readiness to respond in contested security environments, win the fight, whilst fulfilling our duty of care to soldiers,” Mr. Collier said.

Lockheed Martin Australia’s Business Development Manager Rotary and Mission Systems, David Fallon said, “We are excited to work with SimCentric.”

“We have been preparing soldiers for their missions with live, virtual and constructive land training solutions globally for over 30 years, with a proven track record in training programs in the US, UK, Canada, Sweden and the Middle East.” 

“The integration of SimCentric’s sovereign, certified range planning safety technology with our world-leading open architected range control systems is a first for Australia and globally. Our combined solution will support the Australian Army to train in highly complex and realistic scenarios, while maintaining the safety of our warfighters,” Mr. Fallon said.


About Lockheed Martin Australia

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About SimCentric

SimCentric is a technology company focused on transforming training, safety and operational decision making through innovation. With a focus on “Enabling the Warfighter”, SimCentric develop commercial, off-the-shelf technology and strive to be thought leaders and innovators in the areas of: Joint Fires training, Digitised Range Safety and fratricide prevention, Virtual Reality and virtual training environments focused on the enablement of core warfighter skill sets.

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