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Lockheed Martin Australia and Landcare Australia to help restore Aboriginal cultural sites around Canberra
This partnership with Landcare Australia demonstrates our commitment to environmental stewardship as well as aligning with the mission and principles of Earth Day. We share a commitment to community projects to conserve and protect the natural environment.

CANBERRA, Australia, 22 April 2019 – Lockheed Martin Australia is teaming up with Landcare Australia to support the restoration of two important Aboriginal cultural sites in the Ginninderra catchment in Canberra.

Umbagong District Park in Belconnen is of high Aboriginal significance due to the presence of axe grinding grooves and the area contains numerous native flora and fauna species important to the Ngunnawal people.

Gubur Dhaura Heritage Park in Franklin is also significant to the Ngunawal people who have been involved with the design and artworks on ‘ochre ground’, where the local Aboriginal community invited other tribal groups to ceremonies, trade and other purposes.

The partnership between Landcare Australia and Lockheed Martin Australia sees a financial investment in community-based conservation initiatives in Canberra and other states and territories around the country.

The Ginninderra Catchment Group is working with Mullangang Traditional Aboriginal Landcare Group, the Umbagong Landcare Group and MacGregor Landcare Group to maintain and restore the area surrounding the sites.

“All of the local landscape is significant spiritually and culturally to Ngunawal people, but these two sites are exceptional in having strong songlines that provide a cultural story for each,” Ngunawal elder, Wally Bell, said.

“All Aboriginal places and objects are protected under legislation. However, by increasing cultural awareness and ability to recognize culturally significant sites and artefacts, you can help respect, protect and look after them.”

Volunteers are working to improve the water quality of Ginninderra Creek, Umbagong District Park by controlling emerging weeds and erosion by undertaking instream and riparian planting. At Gubur Dhaura, a grassland restoration project involving cultural burning, weed control, and revegetation is the primary aim of volunteers.

Both projects will be completed before the end of the year and are set to engage the Aboriginal community, provide community education about Aboriginal values of country and maintain and enhance the culturally significant sites.

“This project will enable local Aboriginal and community Landcare groups to improve the cultural and environmental values at two significant sites in the Ginninderra Catchment,” Karissa Pruess, Executive Officer at the Ginninderra Catchment Group said.

“Ginninderra Catchment Group are pleased to be working with Lockheed Martin and Landcare Australia to achieve these outcomes.”

The on-going partnership reflects the values of Lockheed Martin’s Go Green programs aims and objectives to:

  • Reduce carbon emissions by planting native vegetation helping to absorb them.

  • Improvement of water quality through restoration of creeks and wetlands.

  • Reduction of waste around project areas and to landfill, through thoughtful composting of vegetation waste.

  • Planting native, drought tolerant plants in revegetation projects to reduce water use.

It comes on the back of Earth Day where Lockheed Martin Australia celebrate their commitment to environmental stewardship in its operations using best practice principles in environment management.

Lockheed Martin Australia has partnered with Landcare Australia since 2017 with the sponsorship of the Ceduna Aboriginal Corporation and their seed propagation program. In 2019, they’ve expanded their partnership with support for restoration of two important Aboriginal cultural sites in the Ginninderra catchment in Canberra.