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Lockheed Martin Australia to deliver Core Simulation Capability for the Australian Defence Force
JP9711 will transform the ADF’s approach to training and simulation, ensuring the latest technologies are used to best prepare our service personnel for the complexity and challenges of the future.

Local companies Calytrix Technologies and NEC Australia join the Lockheed Martin team to deliver the region’s largest and leading-edge training and simulation system – JP9711.

CANBERRA, Wednesday March 27: Lockheed Martin Australia signed a contract with the Australian Government today to deliver Australia’s largest, networked simulation system. In partnership with Calytrix Technologies and NEC Australia, this team will work to transform how the Australian Defence Force (ADF) trains and develops future generations of Defence personnel.

Lockheed Martin Australia leads a team of partners providing a uniquely Australian solution for the ADF creating up to 100 jobs located in Canberra, Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth. This partnership is at the heart of the Lockheed Martin Australia’s enduring commitment and presence in Australia as an industry partner and sovereign capability enabler.

“The addition of 5th generation capabilities such as the F-35 and Aegis, means Australia has one of the most modern defence forces in the world,” said Vince Di Pietro, Chief Executive, Lockheed Martin Australia.  “JP9711 will transform the ADF’s approach to training and simulation, ensuring the latest technologies are used to best prepare our service personnel for the complexity and challenges of the future.”

The partnership with Calytrix Technologies and NEC underpins Lockheed Martin’s continued commitment to developing and sustaining relationships with highly innovative high-tech local companies. Calytrix is a prime example of our commitment to Australian owned businesses, delivering not just job opportunities but the further development of its cutting-edge virtual 3D training software (Titan) as a core element of our solution, thus enhancing local IP and export opportunities. This contract is an example of supporting opportunities for local sovereign industry to successfully compete for prime contracts in both local and global supply chains.

Amy Gowder, Vice President and General Manager, Lockheed Martin Training and Logistics Solutions based in Orlando, Fla., said, “We are very excited to offer this capability to the ADF. Our Distributed Mission Training capability integrates live, virtual and constructive entities into one shared training environment, creating interoperability across all military platforms. We’re going to leverage our proven track record of integrated simulation training system delivery bringing our very best capability to Australia.”

Calytrix Technologies is a leader in providing simulation solutions to many defence forces globally. Shawn Parr, chief executive officer of Calytrix Technologies based in Perth, WA, said Calytrix has been instrumental in providing simulation support for the total system.

“Calytrix has been a key developer of the ADF’s current joint simulation capability since 2006. The JP9711 program provides the opportunity for Calytrix to directly leverage this experience and to support the warfighter well into the future with next generation training technologies and services,” said Mr Parr.

NEC Australia demonstrates its commitment to the ADF with the delivery of a world-class training and simulation platform, providing the ICT infrastructure backbone and interfaces for the end-to-end JP9711 solution.

“NEC Australia is honoured to be partnered with Lockheed Martin and Calytrix in this very important defence project,” said NEC Australia Managing Director Mike Barber.

“We were chosen for this partnership because of our world-leading ICT capabilities and delivery to enterprise and government, including defence and to know that this will be used by our present and future defence personnel in their training is a proud moment for our company,” he said.   


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Headquartered in Canberra, Lockheed Martin Australia is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lockheed Martin Corporation. The company employs more than 1000 people in Australia working on a wide range of major programs spanning the aerospace, defence and civil sectors.

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